Bodhi mala in antique 12mm (Code: BMN11)

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Boddhi mala has become famous and much sort after by many Dharma practitioners. It is said that Timal in Nepal, is the only place where the seeds which are used to make the mala, will grow. It is also believed that it was guru Rimpoche who put the plant here so that future generations could purify thought mantra recitation. It is said that the beads contain mantras on the outside but only the high lamas and the dakinis can see them. But the local peoples know about this and treat the beads with great respect, always putting them in a high place.
One very old tantric text, the Thengwa Gyalb or Mala Blessing also mention the Boddhichitta beads in relation to Timal. The Mala itself is very versatile and can be used in a number of pujas and for general mantra recitation.
While especially revered by Buddhists, a bodhi seed mala is considered auspicious to use for all practices, and represents spiritual promise, dedication and faith.


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